Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law, Department of Constitutional Law, Law Faculty, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain.

She has been like Advisor Constitutional Law Professor in the Centre of Political and Constitutional studies, of Minitry of the Presidence.

She was working like researcher in the official place named: “Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. Real Casa de la Moneda”. CERES department.

Substitute Judge in Avila (2002-2004).

Academic Member Official Master’s Degree in Parliamentary Law, Elections and Legislative Studies (IDP Institute of Complutense University) and Assistant Professor in Official Master’s Degree Law and New Technologies in Pablo Olavide University in Sevilla (Spain 2005-2009).

She is member of the editorial board of General Review of Administrative Law (IUSTEL) and member of a Monitoring of electronic voting: Voto-bit of León University in Spain.

She has been like visiting  researcher, in Max-planc-Institute, Heidelberg; Ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Volkerrecht.

She also has been like Erasmus Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law in Faculta Nova de Dereito in Lisbon, Portugal.


She has preparing the studies of Congressional Attorney (1993-1999) with Administrative Law Professor and Congressional Attorney J.A. Santamaría Pastor.

She holds a PhD in Parlamentary Law from the Complutense University in Law Faculty and she has been Parliamentary Postdoctoral Fellow (2001-2002) in the Congress of Deputy of Spain.


Her main research projects are parliamentary law, in special, participation, new technologies in Parliament, e-voting and new concept of citizen’s participation. Too she has studied the autonomous competences model in our Constitution of 1978th and the last three years she is working Judicial Independence and General Council of the Judiciary and she is accepted like visiting scholar in Law Faculty, Queen Mary University of London for six months in 2017.

She is member in more than twelve commissioned research, some of them: “Guarantee and judicial protection of the citizen Rights according with the european, state, autonomous an local integration” (REF:BJU2001-1929); “Electronic voting in Spain: challenges and opportunities” (EDU/786/2005; LE26A05); “The Challenge of Fundamental Rights in a modern and contemporary society” (SEJ2005-08538JURI); “ E-Democracy, concepts and support systems to electronic democracy”(s-0505/tic/000230);“New Technologies and how decisions are made: the future opportunity of e-voting” (SEJ 2007-64886/JURI); “Electoral procedure and New Technologies: e-voting in different european countrys” (ER2010-16741);


Commitment in EUPADRA

Within EUPADRA she teaches – together with Javier García Roca and Ignacio García Vitoria – a course on Parliamentary oversight.