Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Valencia, Faculty of Law, UCM, ICADE (University of Comillas), and CEU S. Pablo University. Clerk of the Spanish Parliament. Director of Research, Analysis and Publications of the Spanish  Senate (1989-2004) and the Spanish Congress of Deputies (2004 up to now). She has been correspondent of the Senate and the Congress at the E.C.P.R.D. (European Centre of Parliamentary Research and Documentation), since 1989 and member of its Executive Committee (2000-2002). Secretary of the Parliamentary  Law Institute (Spanish Congress of Deputies and Universidad Complutense of Madrid).


She holds a PhD in Constitutional Law in the University of Valencia and she counts  an extensive teaching experience, more than 20 years. As Clerk of Spanish Parliament, former Clerk of the Constitutional Committee of Spanish Lower and Upper House, Justice Committee, Self-govern Committee, Home Affairs Committee, etc. She is author of numerous publications on issues of Constitutional Law, Parliamentary Law, comparative Law and Regional Law. She has organized seminars of the ECPRD and for university students from the European Countries and she has been in charge of the thesis awards of the Congress of Deputies. Conferences, Seminars specially in European Union matters, such as early warning, or the role of the national European parliaments. Member of Jury of several Spanish and European doctoral Thesis.


Her domains of research focus on comparative Constitutional Law:

– “27 Constitutions of the European Union Members States”: Coordinator M.R. Ripollés bilingual Spanish-English. 2010. Constitutional Law (more than 30 articles on referendum, President of Government, Parliament, etc.); Parliamentary law (3 books and more of 50 articles on parliamentary institution, competences of parliament, and manuals); Regional Law (articles on the Spanish Regional State); and electoral Law.