Assistant Professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor) of Constitutional Law at the Complutense University of Madrid.




PhD in Laws (University of Valladolid) and Master in Constitutional Law and Political Science (Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales).


He has coordinated during five years the Official Master’s Degree in Parliamentary Law, Elections and Legislative Studies. He has given lectures on the control by the Constitutional Court of parliamentary decisions which restricts the rights of MPs at the Parliaments of Chile (Cámara de los Diputados) and Luxembourg. He has also given a general course on the constitutional and supranational protection of political rights at the UNAM Institute for Juridical Research (Mexico).



His research focuses on economic liberties, fundamental rights and distribution of competences. Some partial results from his doctoral thesis on the freedom of enterprise (published in Spanish by the CEPC) were published in English (“Environment versus Free Enterprise: A Conflict Between Fundamental Rights?”, Eva Brems, editor, Conflicts between fundamental rights, Intersentia Publishers, 2008).


Commitment in EUPADRA.

He teaches, together with Javier García Roca, a course on “Parliamentary oversight” (parliamentary control).

He is available to supervise EUPADRA thesis on: Parliamentary oversight (parliamentary control), political rights, balanced budget amendment.