Parliamentary Senior Official by the Italian Senate of the Republic. Adjunct Professor of the Lab in Drafting Techniques at the Political Sciences Department of LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome.


She’s currently acting head of the Parliamentary Delegations’ office by the Italian Senate of the Republic.

Phd in Public Law, University of Turin (2007), she has been post-doc Fellow in Public Comparative Law at the University Luiss Guido Carli of Rome (January 2010 – February 2012) and adjunct professor in Administrative Law at the University “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” (Academic years 2010/2011 – 2011/2012)

She has carried out consultancies as legislative drafter on behalf of different parliamentary groups and administrations both at the Italian national level (by the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic) and at regional level (by the Regions Lazio and Lombardia).

She has both participated and presented her papers at conferences and workshops in Italy and abroad on issues of comparative constitutional and parliamentary law.


She teaches Drafting Techniques at the namesake Lab of the Political Sciences Department of LUISS University of Rome. She holds a Course in “Drafting and follow-up of non-legislative acts” at the Master on Parliament and Public Policies of the LUISS School of Government.


She has published over 50 essays and book chapters in Italian and English, most often dealing with issues of parliamentary democracy, regionalism/federalism and social rights’ protection; she authored the monograph ‘Principio unitario e neo-policentrismo. Le esperienze italiana e spagnola a confronto’, Padova, CEDAM, 2008, I-XXII, 1-482. Her current research interests vest on comparative studies related to the parliamentary oversight function and to the role of national/regional parliaments in the EU.

Commitment in EUPADRA

Within EUPADRA she teaches, together with Marco Olivetti, a course on Sub-national Parliaments in the LUISS module (link syllabus).

She is available to supervise EUPADRA thesis on: the role, composition and functions of subnational parliaments in regional/federal experiences; the role of subnational parliaments in the EU.