Assistant Professor of Comparative Public Law, Department of Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, and Academic coordinator of the Summer School in Parliamentary democracy in Europe in the same institution.

She is also Visiting Fellow at the Law Department, European University Institute, Florence, where she is also part of the EUI Law Research Team of the Horizon 2020 project on “A Dynamic Economic and Monetary Union” (ADEMU).



She holds a PhD in Comparative Public Law from the University of Siena and she has been Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow (2013-2015), Max Weber Programme and Law Department, European University Institute. She has been Visiting Researcher at the Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC (USA), and Erasmus Mundus Visiting Scholar at the Victoria University of Wellington (NZ).



Her research focuses on parliaments and Constitutional Courts in the EU and in the Eurozone crisis, parliamentary committee systems and forms of government (Sistemi di commissioni parlamentari e forme di governo is the title of her monograph, Cedam, 2012), and national and EU budgets and budgetary powers. She has authored several essays on these topics, published on national and international journals like the European Law Journal, The Journal of Legislative Studies and German Law Journal and has co-edited a book with Nicola Lupo, Interparliamentary cooperation in the Composite European Constitution (Hart, 2016).


Commitment in EUPADRA

She is one of the EUPADRA Academic Coordinators at LUISS Guido Carli University. Within EUPADRA she teaches, together with Alfredo De Feo, a course on The European Parliament in the “Composite” European Constitution in the LUISS module.

She is available to supervise EUPADRA theses on: the composition and functioning of the European Parliament; the European Parliament and interinstitutional relations in the EU; the European Parliament in a comparative perspective; democratic legitimacy in the EU.