Full Professor of Constitutional Law in the Department of Political Science and Economics of the LUMSA University of Rome.


PHD in Constitutional Law from the University of Rome-La Sapienza, he has been lecturer of Constitutional Law in the University of Teramo (1998-99), Associate Professor in the University of Modena (1999-2001) and Full Professor in the University of Foggia (2001-14).

He has worked as advisor on constitutional affairs for the Institutional reform Department of the Italian Government (1999-2001), then for the parliamentary caucus of the Democratic Party in the Chamber of Deputies (2006-13) and for the Regional affairs Department of the Government (since 2014). In 2013 he has been member of the Commission of experts on Constitutional reforms appointed by the Italian Government. Since 2014 he is member of the Commission for the implementation of the regional statute of Valle d’Aosta.


He teaches Public Law and Fundamental Rights at LUMSA University of Rome. He has been invited professor and visiting researcher in various universities in Spain, France and Canada. He has been speaker in many International congresses on Constitutional Law in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Macao.


He has worked mainly on topics concerning the system of government (his first book, published in 1996, concerned the vote of confidence in the Italian parliamentary system), the regional system (a second monography was published in 2002 concerning the constitutional autonomy of the Italian regions) and, more recently, on Latin American Constitutional Law and on the Canadian Parliamentary system of government. He has edited many books on Constitutional Law, between them the Commentary on the Italian Constitution (UTET 2006) and has published 200 articles and notes in Italian and foreign reviews. His more recent work is an introduction to Fundamental Rights in the Italian constitutional system

Commitment in EUPADRA

Within EUPADRA he teaches, together with Elena Griglio, a course on Sub-national Parliaments  (link syllabus).

He is available to supervise EUPADRA thesis on: parliamentary procedure, law and legislation in the European public space, multilingual drafting.