Professor of European Public Finance at European College of Parma, Italy

Visiting Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence.


Former Director at the European Parliament, Budgetary affairs, Library, Archives, Transparency


His domains of research focus on the Role of EU Institutions in the integration process, the organization of Institutions, in particular of the European Parliament, European Finances, in particular the role and impact of the budget on EU integration and policies, History of the European integration. In particular is conducting a research project on History of budgetary powers and politics in the EU, The role of the European Parliament. The first two parts are already published: The European Coal and Steel Community 1952-2002 (OPOCE, 2015) and 1957-1978 The non-elected Parliament (OPOCE, 2016, forthcoming).

He is speaker at numerous seminars, conferences, workshops.

Commitment in EUPADRA

Within EUPADRA he teaches, together with Cristina Fasone, a course on The European Parliament in the “Composite” European Constitution in the LUISS module.